ISLAM - a Video Compendium


SPECIAL FEATURE: The Collective Suicide of a Culture  (11 Nov. 2015 - 330MB)
Feb 2019
"British" Muslims exlain why Valentine's Day is haram (non-ISLAMIC and BAD)
Jan 2019
UK "Faith School" teaches kids to HATE us ....
October 2018 Girls in the Iranian Revolution
The Utter Barbarity of Halal
child brides in ISLAM
April 2018 Undercover in St Regent's Park mosque - more bile and hatred from imams and others
autumn 2017
More animal slaughter
ISLAMISTS slit camel's throat in public
What goes on in Islamic "faith schools"
August 2017
The true horror of what awaits Europe
May 2017
Bill Maher on ISLAM
IMAM explains why it is OK for Muslims to marry children
INDONESIA is rapidly becoming an extremist ISLAMIC state. Here a woman is beaten until she collapses, a Sharia Law punishment, the same law that Mrs May said we could learn a lot from. "Moderate" Muslims look on and take photos.

MISCELLANEOUS VIDEOS, many where Muslims take over city streets to march in demand of their "rights" and/or beat their chests, or claim that "ISLAM will dominate the world."..... ALL SICKENING, and HAPPENING IN THE UK:

April 2017
Muslim raped 2 Year old girl because family refused to embrace Islam
Jan 2017
More Swedish Muslim "no-go" zones
Sept. 2016
55 Muslim no-go gang-controlled areas in Sweden
This is Birmingham Airport, believe it or not
Muslims self-mutilate in Luton on public streets - the police ignore them
August 2016
MUSLIMS throwing homosexuals from a rooftop (Muhammed TOLD them to, and they all ADORE him as "the perfect human")
June 2016
Chest-beating in Manchester street ...
Muslims marching through Blackburn, England
Muslim migrants praying for victory in Europe
Muslim Chest-beating in Preston
Musims take over Dewsbury
The way Muslims treat animals, almost as bad as they treat women ....
What really happened in Marseille on June 11th
Muslims sexually assaulting young boys
Mass Muslim indoctrination in a Birmingham Park
Muslims ranting in Leeds - MORE Muslims chest-beating in a London street
Muslims pray in Birmingham street
Muslims call for Sharia on the streets of London
Muslim chest-beating  
Muslims pray in Tesco's car park What mentality gives people the right to block by praying public areas in ANOTHER COUNTRY?
More street thuggery No, not all are like this, but a lot ARE, their attitude towards women is depraved.
vile Muslims aggressions  
Mar 2016
The End is Nigh? Why ISLAM will disappear within a few years (we can only hope!)
Father Murders Daughter in Canada ..... .... who didn't want to adopt the full Pakistani Islamic culture
Feb 2016
More Truths - from an ex-Muslim
Ex-Muslim shreds the “Religion of Peace” and its "Prophet"  
The TRUTH about Mohammed What Muslims prefer you not to know; what THEY prefer not to think about - the horror that was Muhammed ...
Life Under ISLAM A British Muslim reveals what life is like under ISLAM.
A Wise Arab ....... .... talks about ISLAM and individualism.
The situation in Calais Betrayal of the people by their own government
Another vile Imam This one's preaching rape and murder in the USA
Jan 2016
"Moderate Muslims" Why "moderate Musims" are completely irrelevant.
The Islamic Plan Interbreed, convert and dominate ......
An account from an "aspostate" An ex-Muslims tells the truth about the cult of Islam
A personal account from Germany A German girl talks about her experience with migrants.
A Swiss MP on ISLAM The Hungarians and Swiss? The ONLY sane voices in Europe?
More ghetto-forming and consolidation More ethnic swamping ...
Apocalypse soon Civil war is coming unless something is done soon.
Shariah "No-go" areas in Sweden
Areas where the police admit they do not go .....
Sweden Update It's getting worse, not better .....
National Suicide in Europe Dealing with the Muslim Invasion - we are in the last-chance saloon.
Just another day An ISIS Child threatens to cut off Obama's "filthy head".
Making Things Clear The role and relevance of so-called "moderate Muslims".
Watch and weep for ISLAM's victims Ten reasons why ISLAM is the world's most gigantic hoax.
This "religion" is sick, depraved and evil Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for "insulting Islam".
Sonicide A Muslim mother tried to murder her son who converted to Christianity.
Murder at Sea Muslims chuck a load of Christians overboard from an immigrant boat crossing the Mediterranean.
Beyond belief Imam calls on Muslims to breed with westerners to help create caliphate.
Truly appalling, sickening .... How Islam is Ruining Europe and America - when will the establishment wake up to this lunacy?
Choudary admits the truth
Adnam Choudary admits what we all know already, except David Cameron: ISLAM is NOT "a religion of peace".
More of the same, this time in Europe Muslims trash Christian cemetery in Croatia.
Par for the course


"Kill all the Buddhists and Hindus" Some excellent hate rants ......
The Beheading Ritual They actually seem to be proud of their skill and bravery in decapitating victims.
A Muslim's duty "Muslims must fight and murder Christians" quran says.
Islam will Conquer Europe Yet another lunatic Imam - or perhaps he is right!
The Islamicization of Paris Why is the French government ignoring this contempt for the law? Are they SCARED of Muslims?
A Brainwashed Child ... talks about apostates.
A Muslim for London Mayor? Sadiq Khan bidding for the 1,000,000 strong Muslim London vote.
A Woman converts from Islam A Somalian woman who left ISLAM after reading the Koran.
August 2015
London: new Muslim capital of Europe  
So-called "moderate" Muslims in Norway  
The Islamicisation of Luton A young woman returns to her hometown after some years absence.
The Indoctrination of Children Children as young as 8 preaching Jihad
An Imam Hate Preacher  
Leave Islam and DIE A clear statement from an Imam - to leave ISLAM means the death penalty.
A Muslim Converts to Christianity  
Islamic Paedophiles  
Vigilante patrols in "Muslim areas" This is IN BRITAIN, not in Iran .....
Andrew Neil on the Charlie Hebdo massacre Andrew Neil says fundamental Islam is "squalid death cult".
US investigates ISIS gas attacks  
Luton UK women They discuss the establishment of an Islamic State in the UK.
"Islam will Conquer the World" Islamic Ranting near Regent's Park Mosque in London
Walsall Muslim "No-Go" area Imagine a Christian "no-go" area in the Middle East!
Muslims march in Nelson, Lancs I wonder what they are chanting? Not "We love Britain," I'm sure ......
Fundamentalists' Intentions -
not exactly hidden
Various Islamic leaders, preachers and citizens state their end goal of world domination, through the means of infiltration, immigration and violent jihadist terrorism, in order to subjugate unbelievers and consolidate their power.

Look for the murderer of Lee Rigby behind Anjem Choudary.
July, 2015
"Australian" Muslim secretly marries 12 year-old-girl Sickening, but Mohammed consecrated his marriage with a girl aged 9.
Indoctrination in British Schools Staggering that this is happening in Britain.
Muslim Demography in Europe (1) Without radical defence, it is the end of European culture - through demographics.
Shariah Law Who voted for this?
The ghettoisation of London Goodbye London
Swedish Muslim crime-ridden ghettoes Poor Sweden .....
Sweden is Gone, Finished
Anti-Semitism by Muslims in Malmo, Sweden
Multicultural Enrichment in Malmo, Sweden
Muslim segregation in Malmo, Sweden
Sweden is the RAPE CAPITAL of Europe
The end of Sweden?
What is in the Koran? A Muslim woman's experience in Sweden.
Islam's mission Anjem Choudary interprets the Koran for us.
Sex with 9 year-old-girls is allowed in Islam Anjem Choudary explains Islamic beliefs on the age of consent.