Jihad manuals predict and prepare for war on our streets

Young Muslims in Britain are being urged to prepare for bloody Jihad on our home streets. “How to” DIY manuals for Islamist terror are all over the Internet. The two latest and most disturbing additions predict that the European Jihad will begin as a result of clashes between neo-Nazi groups and Muslims outside mosques.

In language chillingly similar to that used by the Muhammad cartoon provocateurs, they predict a spiral of tit-for-tat attacks will then plunge the whole country into chaos as people are forced to take sides.

Drawing on previous online publications attributed to ISIS and Al Qaeda, the e-books give advice on everything from Internet security to bomb-making, resisting police questioning through to martial arts training and obtaining firearms through drug gangs.

The overall thrust is to encourage young Muslims to set themselves up as one-man Jihad cells ready to lead their community when trouble kicks off or they get the call to arms from Islamic State.

 Muslim Gangs – the Future of Muslims in the West is closely related to How to Survive in the West – a Muslim Guide. And in addition to the magazines Inspire (Al Qaeda) and Dabiq (ISIS),  Book of Terror – a guide to strike terror in the hearts of the kuffar in the West is also on offer and ready to ‘inspire’ young British-born Muslims wound up by events such as the ill-judged ‘Draw Muhammad’ exhibition.

There is a possibility that the latest pamphlets, which are clearly written by a native English-speaker (using, it may be worth noting, exclusively American spellings), are in fact produced by the same neo-con operation that produced IRA Green Book style handbooks for ‘counter-jihadists’ under the pen-name of El Inglese (‘the Englishman’). Certainly, both the anti-Muslim and pro-Jihad terror manuals are constantly promoted on various extreme Zionist websites whose authors have a vested interest in encouraging conflict between Muslims and the rest of us.

Terror manuals

There again, several decades of relentless funding of Wahhabi extremism with Saudi Arabian money has done so much to radicalise the majority Sunni Muslim community in Britain and Europe that large numbers of their teenagers need very little if any extra provocation to turn to Jihadism. There can be no doubt therefore that – whatever their real origin – these terror manuals are being taken very seriously and studied enthusiastically by untold thousands of young Muslims.

A particular danger is that the documents repeatedly tell the would-be Jihadis to conceal their radicalism, avoid outward shows of Islamic piety and aim instead to fit in and avoid attracting scrutiny while building up their skills, fitness and weapons caches in waiting for the time “within a few years” that it all kicks off.

We are not going to reproduce the entire documents, and in particular we are not going to republish any of their bomb-making instructions, but we do think it is vital that as many people within our community as possible get at least a taste of what is going on in the back streets of those parts of our towns and cities where locals already know it’s unwise for native Brits to venture after dark. So here are just a few extracts:

Foreword: A real war is heating up in the heart of Europe.

Many Muslims are putting a lot of effort into showing the world that we are peaceful citizens, we’re spending thousands of Euros to do Da’wah (invitation to Islam) campaigns to show how good we are in society, but we’re miserably failing. The leaders of disbelief repeatedly lie in the media and say that we Muslims are all terrorists, while we denied it and wanted to be peaceful citizens. But they have cornered us and forced us into becoming radicalised, and that will be the cause of their defeat and be the cause for the conquest of Rome.

The people who own the media have had Europe and the Western world as their stronghold for over 1000 years, they do not want Islam to rise in their stronghold. They want to keep their authority, their adultery, wine and money and do not want to lose it. So they are doing a multibillion dollar media campaign to stop the Islamic State in the Middle East, and a multibillion dollar media campaign to stop the rise of real Islam in the West. All the major alcohol, gambling and haraam companies are funding this project because if Islam rises in the West, they will lose everything. It is a matter of life or death for both, only one will survive. Allah (God)’s last Messenger Muhammad (peace be on him) promised us we will win and finally take over Europe’s capital – Rome, but only after we have taken Persia (Iran). [Saheeh Muslim 54/50]

As Muslims, we need to be prepared for what is coming our way. Media propaganda is the first step to justify what will happen later. So if Muslims are portrayed as evil terrorists, then the mass killing which happens to us afterwards will not be a big deal, infact it will be a sigh of relief for the fooled masses of people.

So what are Muslims supposed to do? Are we supposed to petition to a deaf ‘free press’ because our Prophet is being insulted day and night? Are we supposed to sit back until the police raids our homes for having the Quran and surah al-Tawbah on our shelves? We as free Muslims cannot sit back and get locked up for something which is not a crime in the sight of Allah. In the Ummah (Nation) of Prophet Muhammad (saws), we have been taught to physically fight to defend ourselves and our religion, no matter where we are in the world.

If you disagree with Armed defence, and you are a pacifist, then remember that you will be imprisoned for your religion now or in the future, then ask yourself if you will be able to maintain your Iman (Faith) there. Those who go on the offensive earlier on will learn how to react in different situations, and will more likely receive martyrdom (shahadah) instead of longterm imprisonment. This book is a guide for the Muslims who are living in a majority non Muslim land, or a country where the rulers are harsh towards the believers. It will explain to you the different scenarios you may get into and how to react. It will teach you how to be a secret Agent who lives a double life, something Muslims will have to do to survive in the coming years.

Being an undercover agent requires knowledge and skills. In this book, you will be taught these skills. You will be taught; how to live a double-life, how to keep your Secret life private, how to survive in a threatening land, how you can Arm and strengthen the Muslims when the time for Jihad comes to your country, and neighborhood. In simple terms, from this guide book – you will learn how to become a Sleeper-cell which activates at the right time when the Ummah needs you. ͞And rely fully on Allah, if you truly are believers!͟ (Quran 5:23)All the manuals lay great emphasis on the need for physical fitness and martial arts training, pointing to Koranic injunctions on the need to be ready for Jihad.

Physical training: Mujahideen go through a range of Training to build up their stamina, strength and to gain new skills. Going to the gym and running in the Park is considered normal in the West. However, wearing army clothes, a backpack and weights does look abnormal. You have to Train like a normal person. You cannot look different. So men may wear a T-shirt and 3/4 (three quarter) jogging trousers whereas sisters may go to the Gym Female only sessions or run on a Treadmill at home to build up stamina. Note: Mujahideen run for a few hours, daily, on mountains before having their breakfast.

The coming war for the conquest of Rome will mainly consist of Urban warfare within the cities and streets of Europe. So ask yourself, which type of Training will you need? In Urban warfare, people need to run outside and inside of buildings. So running up and down the stairs is a really good exercise. Learning how to climb walls, and get off walls is also important. (search: Wikihow.com on the perfect ways to jump).

Self-Defense Techniques: If you want to know how to fight and defend yourself, the best fighting style to learn is Krav Maga. A simple search on Youtube teaches you tutorials on how to fight using this style. This Israeli fighting style is really good because it not only teaches how to defend and counter attack quickly, but also teaches you how to disarm an enemy who might have a knife or gun. While learning these Martial Arts is good, its also important to know how to use Knives and sticks in combat. Al-Shabaab in Somalia have a strong emphasis on their supporters using knives because they’re easily available in the Western DIY stores.

Knowing how to handle a weapon is more important than the weapon itself. Ie. if you were chased by a dog, where should you stab it? Answer: in the Head. The aim is to kill an enemy or atleast damage him permanently so he cannot kill you or permanently damage you first. This is the type of fighting you need to learn.

Learning to Target practise: You should buy Toy guns (Nerf guns), or Pellet guns or Paintball guns for Target practice. Maybe you can ask a child cousin, or a friend to buy them for you, but do not buy anything like this from Online because if you are suspected, your credit and buying history will be searched and they will ask you why you bought toy guns. Only buy them from local stores, or from retail stores if they do not ask you for your name. Never go to a Paintball event because they write down the names of every Muslim who goes to these events. You should practice in your backyard or inside your home cellar, but not in public places because cameras’ are everywhere. Many Muslims have been suspected of doing ‘military training’ in public areas, their lawyers’ excuses of ‘just playing and joking’ did not save them from imprisonment.

Chapter 6: Primitive Weapons: After a person has Trained with practice weapons, he should try to get hold of Primitive weapons because they are easy to get hold of and because in many cases they are not illegal. Primitive weapons are potentially lethal, and are a good source for self defense. When Mujahideen train in Training camps, they learn; the Theory of a gun (its shooting distance), how to shoot it, and how to handle (disassemble, cleanse and reassemble) it. They start with the most basic weapons such as Pistols, then work their way upwards towards Assault Rifles (ie. AK-47s). They then specialize in heavier weapons like Machine guns. Sniper rifles, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), or Mortars. So similarly, if someone wants to use weapons, they need to know and gain experience with the most primitive ones first.

In the early Syrian Jihad (in 2011 ), Primitive and ancient tools of war were used to target the enemy until they could make or capture more advanced tools of war. The following are a list of Primitive weapons: –

Homemade Bows and arrows, – Crossbows, – Advanced slingshots (find the sellers address on ebay) – Molotov cocktails – Air rifles (which are easily availabe in hunting shops), – Pellet guns with metal pellets,

Bomb-making: There are 3 main types of B0mbs which Al-Qa’idah Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) taught in their “Inspire magazine.” But We will study 6 types here, and summarize them in easy English so you can make them within minutes easily at home. 1 – Molotov Cocktail (Petrol b0mb) 2 – Nail b0mb 3 – Microwave Airbag b0mb 4 – Gas cannister b0mb (in cars or buildings) 5 – Remote controlled b0mb (activated from anywhere in the world.) 6 – Car b0mb Note: if you ever practice any of these, practice them with trial and error on a small scale first to make sure you are doing them right. There are videos on YouTube which show how these are made (Use TOR browser to view them).

Just like the counter-jihad manuals produced by El Ingles, considerable effort is put into advising cell members on how to stay out of trouble. Note the value placed by them on advice offered by supposedly non-violent Muslim civil rights groups like Cage

The Raid: The Police are looking for anything which could prove you are guilty of Terrorism. They will search your house for: – Weapons – Cash (if you have alot, you will be asked where it came from). – Files / papers / computers which may contain Terrorist information. Even anything written in Arabic or your childs small iPad will be taken and examined. You will be taken to custody and imprisoned for up to a month while they can look through the collected evidences for proof against you. Note: They will not break your walls to look for things there, unless you have left big clues that make it look like you have put something there.

CagePrisoners.com has sections on their website about what questions you have to answer, what you can say “No Comment” to, and what you can answer with a lawyer.

Security advice – sting operations: Now why did the FBI do these sting operations?  They did them because Abu Mus͛aď al-Suri in his 1,600 page book called The Global Jihad had theorized that Muslim youth would learn fighting skills off anonymous Muslim Mujahideen teachers. These youth would then do attacks of their own. This method makes sense, but the FBI took advantage of it by performing the Sting Operations wherein they gave the weapons to the young men to lock up the Muslim boys throughout the 2005-2014 period. So what is the solution to this? How can more young people learn Jihad skills while they are continuously being caught under Sting Operations? Solution to Sting-Operations: The answer is quite simple: if someone recruits you or any of the learning youth and commands them to do an attack – you should leave him and not do it. This way, if he really was a conspirator, his plan didn’t work and you did not get busted. The mere fact you have the knowledge of these fighting techniques has fulfilled our mission, and the spy agencies do not have enough money to spy on when you will do the attack. You, and the many youth who have learned the technique may only do it later when Jihad comes to your neighborhood in a few years. So the Sting Operation spy idea has failed because they cannot spy on you every day of the year.

The author is unconcerned about whether his followers launch terror attacks immediately or wait until a bigger explosion of trouble. Note the role envisaged for the far-right extremists – the very people that the counter-jihad side of this ‘Clash of Civilisations’ have been encouraging to provoke Muslims and so push more of them into the arms of the Islamists.

Chapter 11: The Jihad Begins: By now you will have; Anonymity, Money, weapons, Training, knowledge of how to make improvised explosives anywhere, how to transport dangerous things secretly and how to avoid spies. You are now your own one man army! Say Alhamdulillah, and thank Allah He has taught you what you did not know yesterday.

You are now a Special services secret agent, and your job now is to support the Jihad. You may teach these learned skills to Muslim youth in Training camps while always covering your face (to hide your identity so they cannot report how you looked like if they got caught). Or you can start a 1 or 2 man Jihad like the Kouachi brothers did, or the brother who caused damage in Denmark on February 2015 . You may rent cars under fake identity papers and install b0mbs in them and set off the car b0mbs near Synagogues, near governmental or police buildings, near gas pipelines or near those who are harming the Muslims.

Use TOR browser and search on Google Maps (or Google Earth) at the Territory (Land type) of the place you want to attack. Study the entrances, the exits and the windows of the building to see how you could enter the building, what type of attack would be most suitable with the weapons you have, and what is the best escape route without being cornered. If you can find a map of the inside of the building before any attack, that is part of your Intelligence collection. The more you know about a building, the more effective your plan will be. Would a weapons attack be better, or would a timed b0mb be better to attack? Would you be able to install a webcam in a car window and detonate the b0mb in the car with your cell phone? Maybe you could add a cell phone detonated b0mb, leave the country and detonate/explode it once you’ve found safety abroad? The plans are endless. You have to plan and see which one would cause the most terror for the enemy, while being easy and safe for you at the same time.

In Modern Jihad, symbolic places are hit at symbolic dates (i.e. Sep 11th) to get more media attention and to show Muslims still have power. The disbelievers simply have too much Muslims in their midst and they are scared. They don’t know which direction they  should look. Remember in Modern Jihad, you can claim responsibility for an attack by contacting News agencies (through; email, phone, social media etc). They will happily report it to spread the news first for popularity of their newspaper and you will claim responsibility to show you can attack deep in enemy territory and put fear into their hearts.

War in Protests: The beginning of this book teaches you how to be a Secret Agent who does things independently, you are someone who does not depend on any group of people. Your only connection to the Islamic State is ideological. You earn money, collect weapons, and use anonymity to support any Jihad which may arise in the future, or to do your own 1 or 2 man Jihad. But if you are confident, you can teach other people the skills you have, but anonymously. Your no.1 goal will be in continuously learning and spreading knowledge only. That is what will bind you together. Students will learn more and gain more experience and build up their skill set, share it with their students and share their knowledge. Students who come later will have more knowledge and experience than earlier founders of the movement.

When Muslims and Mosques will be attacked by neo-Nazis’ in protests, Muslims will do counter-protests alongside with anti-fascist groups. This is when your role as a secret Agent will be activated. You will be able to use the money, and weapons you have collected over the years and transport them securely to the Muslim neighborhood who is in need of your help. You might even meet other secret agent Muslims like yourself there. Muslims will do counter-protests alongside with anti-fascist groups. As violence erupts between neo-Nazis͛ and Muslims,  Muslims and their allies will wear masks and bandannas and attack with the skill set and arms they have collected.

The huge crowds in the protests and instability will make it difficult for police to know who is doing the attacks, and the Muslim attackers can blend in the crowd for safety. They can even pass on weapons to their allies. This is how the future Jihad in Europe will begin. Both sides will do revenge attacks. This is when your expertise on b0mbs is important, because you can set off b0mbs in their HeadQuarters, and they will in Muslim ones. This will alienate many Muslims, so they too will ally with you because they seek protection and revenge.

You can now train them in private, share weapons you had stored in safehouses. Your money can be used to win over more skilled young Muslims onto your side. Protect your neighborhood, and you will get more funds from fellow Muslims who are happy you are offering them protection. Men, weapons and trucks will be what you will use to take over more strategic streets and locations in your neighborhoods.

The police will side with the neo-Nazis͛, so you  will destroy the police station and capture its weapons. If these violent protests and battles happen at a national level – there will be too less police to control the populations in every town and a war will happen between Muslims and their neo-Nazis enemies. People inbetween will be caught in crossfire and will have to pick sides. It might be that more Muslim Sleeper cells activate during this time period, you will work with them and make alliances with other non Muslims who are friendly towards you to fight common enemy gangs. The skills in this book will give you a headstart than people who are asleep & haven’t picked sides yet.

This is all going to end VERY badly indeed. And whoever is actually behind it all, once the trouble starts in earnest there will only be two sides: ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. What will you do? Will you be ready to fight for your people and Christendom?