A) "Only" 15% to 25% of British Muslims are said to support Jihad. However, ...

B) 100% of Muslims worship ISLAM, the Koran and Muhammed.

C) Jihadists are ONLY obeying the commands of Muhammed, who ordered them to spread ISLAM by force. This creed HAS NOT CHANGED in 1400 years - READ THE KORAN.

  • .... is the source of multiple acts of bigotry and violence over the centuries
  • .... inspires a percentage of its followers to murder and maim the innocent
  • ... is full of violence and hatred (just read it ...)
  • ... is based on religious mumbo-jumbo fantasy from the deserts of 600 ad.
  • its attitute towards freedom of faith, democracy, women and homosexuals ALONE should cause it to be banned
  • ... was a warrior/soldier/terrorist who spread Islam by brutal military force, often involving the mass-murder of helpless innocents - just check his CV

Some have said that: "ISLAM needs a Reformation similar to the one launched by Martin Luther in Catholicism." The problem with THAT is that it would involve denying a large percentage of the Koran and repudiating Muhammed (either of which is currently enough to get you decapitated in some places). What is the point? Better abandon this sick "faith" altogether and choose something else: there is plenty of choice. Of course, Muslims converting to any other religion risk being punished, ranging from ostracisation by their families through stoning to execution (which should tell you something about the sect's fundamental principles).

The vast majority of Muslims are BORN into the cult and told all their lives that other faiths (and thus their followers) are worthless. Few seem to understand that had they been born in India they would probably be Hindu. This is a process of brainwashing difficult to escape from. But humans have brains and are thus capable of logic and objectivity; it is quite sad that so many choose not to use these gifts.

The moronic "liberal" PC left is also a major problem: humouring evil never works. (See Hitler)