Contention: "ISLAM is incompatible with Western civilisation"
The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights in relation to ISLAM

Article 3: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."

  • Jews and Christians in particular do not have these rights in most Muslim countries. In some, they are viciously persecuted and sometimes simply murdered..
  • Muslim women have few rights: certainly not "liberty and security" unless they do what they are told by Muslim men.
  • Non-Muslim woman and children are often sexually abused, often raped and occasionally murdered by Muslims in NON-Muslim countries where Muslims have a strong foothold.

Article 4: SLAVERY

"No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms."

Muslims are encouraged to live in the way of Muhammad, who was a slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle; he had sex with his slaves; and he instructed his men to do the same. The Quran actually devotes more verses to making sure that Muslim men know they can keep women as sex slaves (4) than it does to telling them to pray five times a day (zero).Quran (33:50) - Quran (23:5-6) - Quran (4:24) - Quran (8:69) - Quran (24:32) - Quran (2:178) - Quran (16:75)
"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."
  • Sharia Law varies, but depending on the country and the position of ISLAM within a state includes: stoning, amputation, whipping, beheading, and in the case of ISIS throwing off rooftops, burning and burying alive, dragging behind vehicles and running over with tanks.
  • In Muslim societies it is common for men to beat their wives without fear of legal redress. Whether this is cultural or religious is immaterial; it is a MUSLIM PRACTICE.

Article 16: MARRIAGE (2)

"Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses."

  1. All Muslims adore and worship Muhammed as "the perfect man".
  2. Muhammad was married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He married a six-year-old, had sex with her at nine and married his adopted son's wife (after arranging a quick divorce).
  3. Arranged marriages with minors are common in many Muslim societies.
  4. Muslims do not seek to "integrate" with other cultures and tend to marry otther Muslims and often family members. First-cousin marriage (allowed by Muhammed) is common in Muslim communities and leads to an increased risk of disabilities and brain damage.
"Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom."

Those who turn their back on Islam (apostasy) are to be executed . This is confirmed by the words and deeds of Muhammad. The only freedom of belief in Islam is the freedom to become Muslim.
Quran (4:89) - Quran (9:11-12) - 2:217 - Quran(88:21) - Quran(5:54) - Quran(9:66)


"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. So are those who desecrate the Quran or commit other acts of blasphemy. This tradition began with Muhammad, as recorded in the Hadith and by his biographers. There is also a Quranic basis for it.
Quran (6:93) - "Who can be more wicked than one who invent a lie against Allah?" If the death penalty is prescribed for lesser crime, then it stands to reason that it should be imposed for the most "wicked".

Quran (33:57) - "Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and has prepared for them the doom of the disdained"

Quran (33:61) - "Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter."

Article 21: DEMOCRACY(3)

"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures."

  • ISLAMIC COUNTRIES do not comply with Article 21, including in particular the two principal and official centres of ISLAM: Saudi Arabia and Iran. The ISLAMIC view of government is that only ALLAH has the right to rule, which is effected by a dictator called a Caliph.
  • Because of this, Muslims in democratic countries are often urged not to vote at all.
  • The ultimate goal of all Muslims is to carry out the commands of Mhammed, who ordered them to spead ISLAM throughout the world by all and any means, ranging from deceit to brute force and revolution.
  • Islamic law is absolutely incompatible with true democracy. It is a theocratic system with Allah alone at its head. Allah's law is interpreted by a ruling body of clerics. There is no room for a secular political system in which all people are treated as equals.
  • In Islam, shirk (Arabic: شرك‎ širk) is the sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism, i.e. the deification or worship of anyone or anything besides the singular God, i.e. Allah. Literally, it means ascribing or the establishment of "partners" placed beside God.
Quran (33:36) - Quran (18:26) - Quran (45:21) - Quran (5:44) - Quran (4:141) - Quran (63:8) - Quran (5:49) - Quran (12:40) - Quran (4:59) - Quran (9:3)

MUSLIM MEN (women don't have much say in ISLAM) are often - or even usually - sexually perverted to a degree that indicates mental illness:

Muslim women have to cover themselves up, presumably to control the lust of Muslim men who would otherwise have no self-control
Muslim women who are raped are often themselves punished for being raped.
- The "perfect man" Muhammed married a girl of six and fucked her at the age of nine. (Euphemisms R Not Us)
- All over the Muslim world bearded old Muslim men marry very young girls.
- The UK is rife with Pakistani Muslim "grooming-gangs" who consider it their religious right to sexually abuse and brutalise young Infidel girls. In this they are following teh example of their "Prophet" Muhammed, the "perfect hman".
sexual mores:
Muhammad was married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He had sex with a 9-year-old girl and married his adopted son's wife (after arranging a quick divorce). On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex - sometimes on the very days in which they watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.
Islam goes beyond merely disapproving of homosexuality; Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death:
  • Islamic scholars overwhelmingly teach that same-gender sex is a sin. Men having sex with each other should be punished, the Koran says, but it doesn't say how - and it adds that they should be left alone if they repent.
  • The death penalty instead comes from the Hadith, or accounts of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. The accounts differ on the method of killing, and some accounts give lesser penalties in some circumstances.
  • In most ISLAMIC states homosexuality is severely punished, sometimes by execution.
Female Genital Mutilation:
FGM is the cutting of the clitoris of girls in order to curb their sexual desire and preserve their sexual honor before marriage. The practice, prevalent in some majority Muslim countries, has a tremendous cost: many girls bleed to death or die of infection. Most are traumatized. Those who survive can suffer adverse health effects during marriage and pregnancy. New information from Iraqi Kurdistan raises the possibility that the problem is more prevalent in the Middle East than previously believed and that FGM is far more tied to religion than many Western academics and activists admit. There are many cases of FGM in the UK, which was once a civilised country.
The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Article 81:

"Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture."

2. "States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:

a) any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities

c) any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights

d) any form of forced assimilation or integration

e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them."

The British people have been forced to accept millions of migrants, including a huge number of Muslims whose practices are completely alien to the British way of life. Among these are:

  • Halal meat
  • forced marriage
  • child marriage
  • bigamy
  • FGM
  • faith schools where children are taught to hate Infidels (READ THE KORAN)
  • Muslim hysteria over pork, alcohol and dogs
  • vigilante patrols in Muslim ghettoes

FREEDOM from the above is a "cultural value" and a right of the indigenous people. However, my own government has trampled on my right to live in a society free of these grotesque practices.

e) We are frequently told by leftard politicians that "All white people are racist". Our whiteness is constantly criticized. Schools are often criticized for being "too white" or "not diverse enough". Note that in African countries nobody's blackness is criticized and no school is ever criticized for not having enough white children.