15-11-15 - http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/editorial-on-anti-refugee-sentiment-in-germany-a-1062442.html

Mr Feldenkirchen

I am sorry, but you are as deranged as your leader. Do you really expect that when a political elite totally detached from reality invites MILLIONS of people (mostly fit young Muslim men) from failing cesspit Muslim countries to flood into Germany WITH NO MANDATE and without even consulting European partners that the people will not react negatively?

Germans peacefully and positively absorbed a very large number of Turks over a long period in a more organised fashion, but this is an INVASION. The village of Sumte with 150 people has 700 economic migrants dumped on it. People living in municipal flats for decades are having to leave to make way for migrants. Germany already has a severe shortage of accommodation. Where the hell are these MILLION AND A HALF migrants Frau Merkel has insanely invited to Germany going to STAY? You do realize that these million and a half are later going to get their FAMILIES over here? So this one and a half million predicted is at the BOTTOM END of the final number.

I see now that Germany has like Sweden tried to close the borders. IT IS TOO LATE. Pandora's box has been opened. The European political "elite" had the insane idea of bribing corrupt African states with OUR money to take back ILLEGAL entrants to OUR countries. They have, not surprisingly, spat on this insane offer, this grotesque abuse of OUR money. So NOW what are you going to do? What is your plan C? You do know that TENS if not HUNDREDS of millions of Africans and Arabs would like to come to Europe to escape from their failing, corrupt and insanely war-ridden Islamic cesspits, don't you? WHAT IS YOUR LIMIT? Do you HAVE a limit?

These people usually speak no German or English, have no qualifications, and bring with them Islam, the world's most vile and disgusting cult. What do you think these fit young men are going to do when they realise they have not come to a land of milk and honey? What are the German people going to do when they see their rape and other crime statistics rocket (see Sweden), when they see taxes soar to pay for all this; it is going to cost BILLIONS AND BILLIONS.

ISLAM? Have you not HEARD of the Muslims in Munich refusing medical treatment from women? Have you read the Koran and studied the life of Muhammed? Have you SEEN what this evil cult inspires its brainwashed sub-humans to do?

You feel guilty about the Holocaust? Quite, but how do you think Germany's Jews are going to feel with millions of Muslims coming into Germany? The Koran is full of HATRED towards Jews. You do know that Hitler ADMIRED Muhammed, do you?

As I said, your government is deranged, and in addition has NO IDEA of democracy. Do you think that in a MILLION YEARS the German people would have VOTED for this insanity if given the choice? But that is the point, they were NOT given the choice, were they? Democracy? Germany is effectively a one-party state at the moment. There is NO PROPER OPPOSITION in parliament. A "national government" is something a country has in times of national emergency, such as a war, but in peacetime? It is an affront to democracy. Why don't you write about THAT? No wonder Merkel thinks she is the Empress of Europe: nobody stands up to her.

Your article is a disgrace. It is insane "liberals" like you who are ruining Europe. LOOK AT SWEDEN. LOOK HERE:

In the 20s, the German government and the victorious allies made the Germans suffer, resulting in hyper-inflation and eventually Hitler. Do you want ANOTHER Hitler? That is what you are going to get if you continue to despise and SHIT on your OWN PEOPLE. Merkel has made the biggest mistake by a German leader since Hitler invaded Russia. Instead of making her pay for this, the compliant media is calling its ordinary citizens who protest "far-right" or worse, "Nazis". The whole establishment is a total disgrace.

The people would NEVER have sanctioned this insane behaviour by their leaders, and you in the press are complicit in not coruscating Merkel et al for this treason. Instead of that, you patronisingly criticise your OWN people. YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.