"MODERATE" Islam? (author unknown)

His name was Mohammed and he was a mass murderer, rapist and a pedophile who instructed others to mercilessly kill anyone who did not accept him as the ‘Messenger of God”.

According to Islamic scripture, Mohammed is the “perfect human”.

So here is my question:

How on earth can all of these so called ‘moderates’ believe that a man who murdered and instructed others to murder innocent people is the “perfect human”?

I am yet to be given an answer to those questions other than the generic Muslim response to anything that exposes Mohammed’s vile behaviour: silence.

By now I am sure we have all seen photographs of ISIS carrying out public executions, stonings, lashings, cutting off people’s hands etc.

I am also sure it has not escaped everyone’s attention that there are always crowds of people standing round watching and often cheering. According to the reasoning of our government, the leftwing and, indeed the majority of Muslims – the people watching and cheering are ‘moderate’ Muslims.

  • Islam, as an ideology, is extreme.
  • It was created by an extremist.
  • The scriptures are extreme.
  • Sharia Law is extreme.
The bottom line is, there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim: there are those who follow Islam and those who don't.

If you are one of the former but consider yourself to be ‘moderate’ because – although you believe Mohammed was the “perfect human”, Sharia Law is divine and the Quran & Hadiths (which state that Muslims should kill non-Muslims) are sacred and should be followed – you don’t actually commit any atrocities, then you need to stop kidding yourself.

If you agree with an extreme ideology such as Islam, you are an extremist.

If you consider yourself to be Muslim but you believe Mohammed was not perfect, Sharia Law is not divine and the scriptures are not sacred and should not be followed – then you also need to stop kidding yourself: Islam dictates that you are not a Muslim, you are an apostate, an infidel, a kuffar and, like myself, you deserve to be killed.